April 20, 2009
View 456c3c137e

* Modules: auth_radius, misc_radius

Juha Heinanen authored on 20/04/2009 05:47:28
September 4, 2008
View 32284c233c

* Added auth_extra module parameter that can be used to specify which extra RADIUS attributes (if any) are included in RADIUS request when authorize functions are called.

Juha Heinanen authored on 04/09/2008 14:25:02
August 7, 2008
View 989206bd0f

- fix link entity names, patch from Carsten Gross - regenerate READMEs

Henning Westerholt authored on 07/08/2008 09:15:08
August 6, 2008
View 873d51d6a0

- regenerated all READMEs (make modules-readme exclude_modules="")

Klaus Darilion authored on 06/08/2008 10:49:19
July 30, 2008
View 37e4f522d4

- fix some FAQ entries, change missing entity, regenerate READMEs

Henning Westerholt authored on 30/07/2008 09:20:54
March 19, 2008
View 9fc784c634

- titles for admin, devel and faq chapters are defined via entities for coherence and easier management

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 19/03/2008 20:40:18
March 10, 2008
View 7a0c05768b

- content of faq removed (mistakenly added by me after Henning did the cleanup for modules' docs; rev 3839)

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 10/03/2008 11:17:28
March 7, 2008
View d34518a2c1

- entity &user; replaced with &admin; to obey naming structure (entities to be replaced by xinclude); updated obsolete address tags - READMEs regenerated

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 07/03/2008 23:03:56
View 93f5d0b4d6

- re-sync READMEs after last updates

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 07/03/2008 20:00:30
View d77df08ab6

- modules documentation migrated from sgml to xml docbook format - many thanks to Edson <4lists (at) gmail (dot) com> for providing script to replace headers and rename files - contact updated - follows re-sync with todays changes and update of Makefile to generate README and html files from XML

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 07/03/2008 18:19:45
March 4, 2008
View 033b598933

- change module docs FAQ link to a common one in the doc dir - remove module specific FAQ content from the file in doc, this way no FAQ content will be created - credits for the patch/ the change scripts goes to Edson Gellert Schubert, 4lists at gmail dot com - update all READMEs, for most module docs the FAQ and devel information were now removed

Henning Westerholt authored on 04/03/2008 13:15:47
December 13, 2007
View 719e7b8169

- all README files regenerated from SGML

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 13/12/2007 10:43:52
September 4, 2007
View 489c7fdad4

- improve diplayed doc name of uri-db - spelling fix in auth* modules

Henning Westerholt authored on 04/09/2007 14:40:17
April 30, 2007
View 366a27a220

- *_{proxy|www}_authorize() functions return mode info in case of failure (via a larger set of negative return codes): -5 (generic error) - some generic error occurred and no reply was sent out; -4 (no credentials) - credentials were not found in request; -3 (stale nonce) - stale nonce; -2 (invalid password) - valid user, but wrong password; -1 (invalid user) - authentication user does not exist.

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 30/04/2007 20:35:35
December 25, 2006
View 3f08133f7b

* Added optional uri_user pseudo variable parameter to radius_proxy_authorize function. If present, value of the pseudo variable is given to Radius server as value of SIP-URI-User check item.

Juha Heinanen authored on 25/12/2006 19:30:00