May 6, 2009
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Splitting fix_sock_str into socket2str and fix_sock_str

Jan Janak authored on 06/05/2009 09:10:48
May 3, 2009
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core: auto_aliases to control rev DNS aliases

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 03/05/2009 11:04:49
March 15, 2009
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Add sock_str (si as string) to struct socket_info.

Jan Janak authored on 15/03/2009 22:38:32
March 10, 2009
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Export get_sock_info_list function to modules

Jan Janak authored on 10/03/2009 16:44:42
October 16, 2008
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core: attempt harder to filter loopback addresses

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 16/10/2008 15:17:44
October 15, 2008
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core: fix socket list iteration

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 15/10/2008 10:27:47
October 14, 2008
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sctp: if SCTP support not compiled, next_proto() shouldn't return SCTP

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 14/10/2008 14:13:14
August 18, 2008
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sctp multi-homing config support

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 18/08/2008 14:55:13
August 8, 2008
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- experimental sctp support (one to many)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 08/08/2008 20:47:23
April 30, 2008
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- if ipv6 support is disabled (-DUSE_IPV6 not defined), don't even try to use AF_INET6 (might not be defined if the underlying OS doesn't support ipv6), or str2ip6

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 30/04/2008 19:50:04
April 17, 2008
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added functions to allow myself check ony based on port numbers

Nils Ohlmeier authored on 17/04/2008 20:52:47
February 11, 2008
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DNS resolver and cache parameters use the configuration framework that makes the config variables changeable on-the-fly.

Miklos Tirpak authored on 11/02/2008 09:58:29
August 23, 2007
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- detect INADDR_ANY ( or ::) listen addresses - basic tcp support for INADDR_ANY

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 23/08/2007 20:43:58
September 15, 2006
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- dns cache support (ser will cache both positive and negative responses if turned on, see doc/dns.txt for more details & config options) - dns failover support: when a name resolves to more then 1 ip (either multiple A or AAAA records or multiple SRVs) and sending to the first ip fails, ser will retry with the others. By default is off. See doc/dns.txt for more details/config options a.s.o. - destination blacklist: when sending to some destination (defined by ip:port and protocol) fails, ser will temporarily add this destination in a blacklist giving future sends the opportunity of immediately failing. Destination are also added to the blacklist on tm invite timeouts (when no response is received in the fr_timer interval). By default is off, see doc/dst_blacklist.txt form more details/config options. - small makefile fixes (in mode=debug) - resolver get_record api changes (updated enum)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 15/09/2006 10:37:44
October 28, 2005
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- fixed tls on same port as tcp init problem (e.g. for -l - added a new tcp connection flag, set when the tcp connection is removed from the main pool - fixed tcp_read_req reported bytes count (necessary for certain types of poll stategies)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 28/10/2005 20:59:37