September 4, 2009
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xlog(s): updated to the new next_branch()

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 04/09/2009 13:24:16
April 2, 2008
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memory leak is fixed: xl_elog_free_all() did not free the select expressions within the xl formatted string.

Miklos Tirpak authored on 02/04/2008 09:12:38
March 14, 2008
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xl_parse_format() can fix-up \\, \r, \n, \t characters.

Miklos Tirpak authored on 14/03/2008 07:57:57
October 10, 2007
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minor change - don't show bogus WARNING: xl_mod_init: more IP XX.XX.XX.XX not used if is the IP is the same as the first IP

Michal Matyska authored on 10/10/2007 23:26:14
March 14, 2007
View 92acf70817

- fixed SER-240, bad unproper usage of pkg allocators in xl_mod_init()

Tomas Mandys authored on 14/03/2007 10:40:53
February 12, 2007
View 513b5deec1

- warnings for solaris - compilation fixes for gcc 2.95

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 12/02/2007 20:19:39
June 9, 2006
View 4f5360c770

Parsing of select framework syntax moved to the select core; serdev doc showing how to extend select framework within module.

Michal Matyska authored on 09/06/2006 16:46:54
February 28, 2006
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Allowed digits inside of select's ID (same way as ID in cfg.lex - start with letter, then letter/digit/'_')

Michal Matyska authored on 28/02/2006 11:50:20
February 27, 2006
View 57f3d78105

Bug corrected: allow negative numbers as index in select parser

Michal Matyska authored on 27/02/2006 13:56:56
February 26, 2006
View 9860e728a8

Allowing underscore in select_ids and don't overskip one char just behind the resolved select.

Michal Matyska authored on 26/02/2006 20:26:42
February 17, 2006
View f85a7ad24b

- avoid compiler warning - don't free str in fixup call to select_anyheader - xlog knows how to parse and call select, just use %@select[1]

Michal Matyska authored on 17/02/2006 22:32:02
February 5, 2006
View 94974426b8

- improved parsing of %$avp when terminating with non space.e.g "cxx %$avp2%$avp3 blabla" - new parameter "% " or "%|" enabling spaceless concatanating avp and "text", e.g. "aaa%$avp%|xxx" printed as "aaaavp_valuexxx"

Tomas Mandys authored on 05/02/2006 16:27:25
January 7, 2006
View 194d480f02

Log level of two debug messages was changed from ERR to DBG.

Michal Matyska authored on 07/01/2006 21:58:08
View ea34d2d129

=AVP core extended to be aware of multiple AVPs with the same name exist in the list. There are three possibilities of correct script syntax...

Michal Matyska authored on 07/01/2006 21:28:50
November 17, 2005
View 03f6db11be

Provide two useful macros for str initialization: STR_STATIC_INIT() and STR_NULL. Adjust all modules to use those macros where appropriate.

Maxim Sobolev authored on 17/11/2005 03:50:06