November 2, 2010
View 0c36835ce2

trie API Fixed dtrie_insert OOM handling, where assert() was wrongfully used

Marius Zbihlei authored on 02/11/2010 09:45:15
July 7, 2010
View 5c5cc3df53

Fixed a memory leak on shm memory, caused by the dtrie implementation.

Marius Zbihlei authored on 07/07/2010 09:39:58
June 16, 2010
View 268c9e7db0

Always set data payload to NULL, thus avoiding problems when root node had data associated with it Credits for the patch go to Henning Westerholt. (cherry picked from commit f05a578613ca1c9cc15e27cc01c5573e1cf0b888)

Marius Zbihlei authored on 16/06/2010 11:11:48
February 13, 2009
View 419a166219

- port from kamailio trunk, r5607 - fix a few missing line breaks in debug logs

Henning Westerholt authored on 13/02/2009 16:19:11
November 21, 2008
View 99d1967f5c

add trie to library directory

Henning Westerholt authored on 21/11/2008 12:29:07