January 21, 2003
View ff9799524a

preliminary support for FIFO/t_uac added -- compiles, but not completed yet

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/01/2003 13:53:48
December 11, 2002
View 0c5da34bd1

- increased ROUTE_MAX_REC_LEV to 100 - added new route commad: send_tcp(address, port) - tcp global vars (added new members to pt a.s.o) - tcp_send(buf, len, server, 0) will try to find an existing open tcp connection to "server"; if none found a new one will be opened (ser will also start listening on it for sip messages) - first udp to tcp & tcp to tcp send (not forward, I still have to solve some tricky via stuff)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 11/12/2002 21:30:44
November 27, 2002
View 73eaebd207

fifo_server changes: - permissions are only set during FIFO creation (no more reset) - permission are set using chmod now (overrides umask) - SER is more talkative during attempts to create FIFO

Jiri Kuthan authored on 27/11/2002 20:45:54
November 26, 2002
View 9a69468193

- fixed all the warnings in core (now it compiles cleanly on linux/i386, solaris/sparc64, netbsd/sparc64, freebsd/i386, openbsd/i386).

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 26/11/2002 15:29:51
October 22, 2002
View d615a5cd9b

- added new_hash2 (faster & better distrib. hash) - added rev . dns startup interface ip lookups (aliases) - lots of cleanups

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 22/10/2002 20:37:29
October 3, 2002
View a50d55d373

bug_fix: reply_fifo name (as opposed to request_fifo) printed in a LOG

Jiri Kuthan authored on 03/10/2002 21:04:16
September 25, 2002
View 97f17e60a1

- minor serdev doc edits - removed fifo default value - added -i fifo_path parameter - updated man page

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 25/09/2002 10:03:20
September 22, 2002
View 58c780f083

proper clean-up for failed opening of reply fifo done

Jiri Kuthan authored on 22/09/2002 15:10:12
View 88962a0083

FIFO reply pipe goes blocking after it is open now

Jiri Kuthan authored on 22/09/2002 13:11:56
September 21, 2002
View 249cc934e4

3-digit reply code introduced to FIFO server

Jiri Kuthan authored on 21/09/2002 08:42:21
September 19, 2002
View 7dd0b34273

GPLization banner introduced to *.[hc] files

Jiri Kuthan authored on 19/09/2002 12:23:52
September 18, 2002
View f51155cfd6

process table introduced; rest of code aligned with proces_no bug_fix

Jiri Kuthan authored on 18/09/2002 07:49:31
September 10, 2002
View d95321e46d

more debugging output

Jiri Kuthan authored on 10/09/2002 10:48:45
September 8, 2002
View 114eaa41c7

new 'which' FIFO command introduced

Jiri Kuthan authored on 08/09/2002 15:41:06
September 5, 2002
View 3a7d29ef39

bug fix in a formatting string

Jiri Kuthan authored on 05/09/2002 14:21:40