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github: update contribution guidelines about our README file change process

Henning Westerholt authored on 10/01/2019 22:17:00
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@@ -67,13 +67,12 @@ and commit history, there are several *rules* required for each contribution.
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   file. Instead, edit the xml files located in **modules/modname/doc/** folder
68 68
     * to regenerate the README, run **make modules-readme modules=modules/modname**
69 69
     * docbook utils and xsl packages are needed for the above command to work
-    * it is ok to modify only the xml doc file, the readme can be regenerated by
-    another developer who has the required tools installed
-    * if it is a change to README that needs to be backported, make separate
-    commits to xml doc file and README. The changes to README files are very
-    likely to rise merge conflicts. With separate commit, that won't be
-    backported, only the commit to xml doc file, then README will be manually
-    regenerated in the corresponding branch.
+    * it is only necessary to modify and commit the xml doc file, the **README**
+    will be regenerated by a automatic script that is executed every few hours
+    * so if you modify an existing module **README** don't commit the changes
+    of this file to the git repository
+    * if you create a new module that includes also a **README file, you
+    need to commit the README to the git repository one time
77 76
   * code **should** be formatted with **clang-format** or to match the style of
78 77
   the component that the commit applies to. The `.clang-format` file is part of
79 78
   Kamailio source code tree, in the root folder.