#include <xmlrpc-c/abyss.h>
#include "abyss_date.h"
#include "abyss_data.h"

typedef struct {
    uint8_t major;
    uint8_t minor;
} httpVersion;

struct _TSession {
    abyss_bool validRequest;
        /* Client has sent, and server has recognized, a valid HTTP request.
           This is false when the session is new.  If and when the server
           reads the request from the client and finds it to be valid HTTP,
           it becomes true.
    TRequestInfo request_info;
    uint32_t nbfileds;
    TList cookies;
    TList ranges;

    uint16_t status;
        /* Response status from handler.  Zero means handler has not
           set it.
    TString header;

    abyss_bool serverDeniesKeepalive;
        /* Server doesn't want keepalive for this session, regardless of
           what happens in the session.  E.g. because the connection has
           already been kept alive long enough.
    abyss_bool responseStarted;
        /* Handler has at least started the response (i.e. called

    struct _TConn * conn;

    httpVersion version;

    TTable request_headers;
    TTable response_headers;

    TDate date;

    abyss_bool chunkedwrite;
    abyss_bool chunkedwritemode;