#include <sys/types.h>

#include <xmlrpc-c/abyss.h>

#include "abyss_file.h"
#include "abyss_data.h"

typedef struct _Tsocket Tsocket;

struct _TServer {
    abyss_bool terminationRequested;
        /* User wants this server to terminate as soon as possible,
           in particular before accepting any more connections and without
           waiting for any.
    abyss_bool socketBound;
        /* The listening socket exists and is bound to a local address
           (may already be listening as well)
    TSocket * listenSocketP;
        /* Meaningful only when 'socketBound' is true: file descriptor of
           the listening socket ("listening socket" means socket for listening,
           not a socket that is listening right now).
    abyss_bool weCreatedListenSocket;
        /* We created the listen socket (whose fd is 'listensock'), as
           opposed to 1) User supplied it; or 2) there isn't one.
    const char * logfilename;
    abyss_bool logfileisopen;
    TFile logfile;
    TMutex logmutex;
    const char * name;
    const char * filespath;
    abyss_bool serverAcceptsConnections;
        /* We listen for and accept TCP connections for HTTP transactions.
           (The alternative is the user supplies a TCP-connected socket
           for each transaction)
    uint16_t port;
        /* Meaningful only when 'socketBound' is false: port number to which
           we should bind the listening socket
    uint32_t keepalivetimeout;
    uint32_t keepalivemaxconn;
    uint32_t timeout;
        /* Maximum time in seconds the server will wait to read a header
           or a data chunk from the socket.
    TList handlers;
    TList defaultfilenames;
    void * defaulthandler;
    abyss_bool advertise;
    MIMEType * mimeTypeP;
        /* NULL means to use the global MIMEType object */
    abyss_bool useSigchld;
        /* Meaningless if not using forking for threads.
           TRUE means user will call ServerHandleSigchld to indicate that
           a SIGCHLD signal was received, and server shall use that as its
           indication that a child has died.  FALSE means server will not
           be aware of SIGCHLD and will instead poll for existence of PIDs
           to determine if a child has died.
#ifndef WIN32
    uid_t uid;
    gid_t gid;
    TFile pidfile;

ServerBackgroundProcessComplete(pid_t const pid);