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<refname>serialize_int</refname> <!-- function name -->
<refpurpose>integer serialization</refpurpose> <!-- short function description -->

#include &lt;cds/serialize.h&gt; <!-- included headers -->

<funcprototype> <!-- function prototype -->
  <funcdef>int <function>serialize_int</function></funcdef>
  <paramdef>sstream_t *<parameter>ss</parameter></paramdef>
  <paramdef>int *<parameter>num</parameter></paramdef>


<para>Serializes number. This means that in case of input stream this
functions sets value of given integer parameter to value read from stream, 
in case of output stream it
writes the number given in parameter into that stream.
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<refsect1><title>Return value</title>
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Returns 0 on success, non-zero on error.

<refsect1><title>See Also</title>
<xref linkend="sstream_t"/>
<xref linkend="serialize_uint"/>, 
<xref linkend="serialize_char"/>, 
<xref linkend="serialize_uchar"/>, 
<xref linkend="serialize_str"/>
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