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<title>Memory operations</title>

<para>Memory operations are common for whole CDS library. Because it must work
together with SER's memory management and must work without it too, there are
wrapper macros for memory allocation/deallocation.</para>

<para>These macros were functions and it may change in the future, but macros
are probably better - they allow better debuging than functions. There are
defined another macros (see <xref linkend="cds_malloc_ptr"/>, <xref
linkend="cds_free_ptr"/>), which point and will point to allocation/deallocation
functions, thus they may be used as function pointers.
standalone functions (?macros in the future?) which cover internal
implementation of memory allocation/deallocation functions.-->

<para>It is possible to redefine these macros/functions to help with memory debugging
or for monitoring purposes or so.

<para>It might be useful some parts of code determined for SER probe out of it,
with a memory debugging tool like valgrind
</para> -->

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