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#include &lt;cds/msg_queue.h&gt; <!-- included headers -->

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  <funcdef>void <function>free_message</function></funcdef>
  <paramdef>mq_message_t *<parameter>msg</parameter></paramdef>


<para>Frees message. If data is allocated explicitly it frees it using
if they are allocated implicitly, it is freed together with message. Thus simple
data strutures are deallocated automaticaly in both cases. There might be a
problem with more complicated structures with internal pointers to other
structures - for these you can set destroy function using
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<refsect1><title>See Also</title>
<xref linkend="create_message"/>, <xref linkend="create_message_ex"/>, <xref
linkend="init_message_ex"/>, <xref linkend="set_data_destroy_function"/>
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