Kamailio Test Unit

This directory contains some small "smoke tests", that should assure that
basic functionality of the server work as required. This tests should consists
of one shell script and a config file if needed. They should not need much time
for execution, to allow the run of the complete test suite in a few seconds.

All test scripts must be self-contained, should not have external dependencies
and must clean up after they are run. The second line in each scripts should
contain a small comment that describe the task of the test, it should not
output any messages on successful runs.

This tests should (in the current state) only run by developers who know
what they do. They could delete your database, produce core dumps that fill
your harddisk or do other nasty things..


External tools needed by some test units:

  - SIPP (http://sipp.sourceforge.net)
  - SIPSAK  (https://github.com/nils-ohlmeier/sipsak)


To execute all unit tests, run:

    make all

To run a specific unit test, run:

    make run UNIT=scripname

Scriptname is the name of shell file to execute, for example:

    make run UNIT=1.sh