Counters for tcp

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 1. tcp.established
        incremented each time a tcp connection is established.

 2. tcp.passive_open
        total number of accepted connections (so far).

 3. tcp.connect_success
        total number of successfully active opened connections
        (successful connect()s).

 4. tcp.connect_failed
        number of failed active connection attempts.

 5. tcp.local_reject
        number of rejected incoming connections.

 6. tcp.con_timeout
        total number of connections that did timeout (idle for too

 7. tcp.con_reset
        total number of TCP_RSTs received on established connections.

 8. tcp.send_timeout
        number of send attempts that failed due to a timeout(note:
        works only in tcp async mode).

 9. tcp.sendq_full
        number of send attempts that failed because of exceeded
        bufferingcapacity (send queue full, works only in tcp async

10. tcp.current_opened_connections
        number of currently opened connections.

11. tcp.current_write_queue_size
        current sum of all the connections write queue sizes.