Installation Notes

Supported architectures: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Win* (CYGWIN)
(for other architectures the Makefile must be edited)

There are various configuration options defined in the Makefile.


- gcc
- bison or yacc (Berkley yacc)
- flex
- gmake (on Linux this is the standard "make")

Arhitecture Notes:

- FreeBSD: make sure gmake, bison & flex are installed
- Solaris: as above; you can use Solaris's yacc instead of bison
- Windows: it works in windows but you must install a recent cygwin version
	(http://www.cygwin.com/) and also install a newer regex library version

(NOTE: if make doesn't work try gmake  instead)

- compile with default options:

make   #builds only ser core, equivalent to make ser
make modules

or make all #builds everything

- compile with profiling

make PROFILE=-pg all

-compile debug mode version

make mode=debug all

-compile debug version with profiling

make mode=debug PROFILE=-pg all

-compile only the print module

make modules=modules/print modules

-compile all the modules except textops

make exclude_modules="CVS textops" modules

Make targets:


make clean   (clean the modules too)
make proper  (clean also the dependencies)
make distclean (the same as proper)
make mantainer-clean (clean everything, including auto generated files,
 tags, *.dbg a.s.o)


make proper
(or gmake on non-Linux systems)
make modules 
or make modules exclude_modules="CVS print" etc.

Make tags:

make TAGS

Create a tar.gz with the sources:

make tar

Install(not done yet):

make prefix=/usr/local  install