#ifndef INCLUDED_tlsf
#define INCLUDED_tlsf

** Two Level Segregated Fit memory allocator, version 3.0.
** Written by Matthew Conte, and placed in the Public Domain.
**	http://tlsf.baisoku.org
** Based on the original documentation by Miguel Masmano:
**	http://rtportal.upv.es/rtmalloc/allocators/tlsf/index.shtml
** Please see the accompanying Readme.txt for implementation
** notes and caveats.
** This implementation was written to the specification
** of the document, therefore no GPL restrictions apply.

#include <stddef.h>
#include "meminfo.h"
#define TLSF_STATS

#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {

/* tlsf_t: a TLSF structure. Can contain 1 to N pools. */
/* pool_t: a block of memory that TLSF can manage. */
typedef void* tlsf_t;
typedef void* pool_t;

/* Create/destroy a memory pool. */
tlsf_t tlsf_create(void* mem);
tlsf_t tlsf_create_with_pool(void* mem, size_t bytes);
void tlsf_destroy(tlsf_t tlsf);
pool_t tlsf_get_pool(tlsf_t tlsf);

/* Add/remove memory pools. */
pool_t tlsf_add_pool(tlsf_t tlsf, void* mem, size_t bytes);
void tlsf_remove_pool(tlsf_t tlsf, pool_t pool);

/* malloc/memalign/realloc/free replacements. */
void* tlsf_malloc(tlsf_t tlsf, size_t bytes);
void* tlsf_memalign(tlsf_t tlsf, size_t align, size_t bytes);
void* tlsf_realloc(tlsf_t tlsf, void* ptr, size_t size);
void tlsf_free(tlsf_t tlsf, void* ptr);

/* Returns internal block size, not original request size */
size_t tlsf_block_size(void* ptr);

/* Overheads/limits of internal structures. */
size_t tlsf_size();
size_t tlsf_align_size();
size_t tlsf_block_size_min();
size_t tlsf_block_size_max();
size_t tlsf_pool_overhead();
size_t tlsf_alloc_overhead();

/* Debugging. */
typedef void (*tlsf_walker)(void* ptr, size_t size, int used, void* user);
void tlsf_walk_pool(pool_t pool, tlsf_walker walker, void* user);
/* Returns nonzero if any internal consistency check fails. */
int tlsf_check(tlsf_t tlsf);
int tlsf_check_pool(pool_t pool);

void tlsf_meminfo(tlsf_t pool, struct mem_info *info);

#if defined(__cplusplus)