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<para>This section is under construction...

<para>I found a bug during testing sample configs - one TM module change caused
impossibility of sending request to predefined destination. As far as I know
affected modules are presence_b2b and msilo.

<section><title>Full presence server</title>
<para>This config file has grown from previous versions of presence server
configurations. It has to be re-tested with Ottendorf and de-uglyfied. (TBD soon)
<para><ulink url="cfg/full_ps.cfg">cfg/full_ps.cfg</ulink>

<section><title>Presence server with no authorization and without RLS</title>
<para>Following config file is based on demo config file installed with SIP-router
It is not finished yet. I recommend to use a variant of the config file above right
<para><ulink url="cfg/ps.cfg">cfg/ps.cfg</ulink></para>

<section><title>Forwarding to presence server</title>
<para>It is good idea to have separated presence stuff from the proxy. You can
use following piece of code for that. Instead of
<function>t_forward_nonack</function> you can use
<example><title>forwarding to presence server</title>
# forward presence messages to presence server
if ((method=="SUBSCRIBE") || (method=="PUBLISH") || (method=="MESSAGE")) {
	log(1, "Forwarding request\n");
	if (!t_newtran()) {
		log(1, "newtran error\n");
	if (!t_forward_nonack("presence-server.test-domain.com", "5060")) {
		log(1, "Forward to presence server failed\n");
		t_reply("500", "forward to presence server failed");