September 25, 2006
View 809a2727

added doxygen class documentation beginning of the sems documentation initiative...

Stefan Sayer authored on 25/09/2006 19:08:24
April 26, 2006
View 018bfc55

corrected compilation error in macro EXPORT_FACTORY.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 26/04/2006 10:50:22
April 25, 2006
View c7a51805

Many thanks to Rick van Rein for this patch. Here are his explainations to the path:

Raphael Coeffic authored on 25/04/2006 05:49:25
March 20, 2006
View 14c69b16

moved the user timer (used to be known as AmSessionTimer) to the session_timer plugin. added a multi-purpose plugin type. see also AmApi.h for details.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 20/03/2006 12:49:35
March 17, 2006
View 37abd537

initial checkin new open source version.

Raphael Coeffic authored on 17/03/2006 13:16:06