#ifndef _AmIcmpWatcher_h_
#define _AmIcmpWatcher_h_

#include "AmThread.h"

#include <map>
using std::map;

#define ICMP_BUF_SIZE 512

class AmRtpStream;

/** \brief thread that watches ICMP reports  */
class AmIcmpWatcher: public AmThread
    static AmIcmpWatcher* _instance;

    /* RAW socket descriptor */
    int raw_sd;

    /* RTP Stream map */
    map<int,AmRtpStream*> stream_map;
    AmMutex               stream_map_m;

    /* constructor & destructor are
     * private as we want a singleton.

    void run();
    void on_stop();

    static AmIcmpWatcher* instance();
    void addStream(int localport, AmRtpStream* str);
    void removeStream(int localport);

/** \brief one-shot thread: report an ICMP error to the rtp stream */
class IcmpReporter: public AmThread
    AmRtpStream* rtp_str;
    void run();
    void on_stop();
    IcmpReporter(AmRtpStream* str);