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Test directory =============== Modules ------- Note: Under development (2016-06-03 OEJ) Modules found here test APIs in other modules or are just created for testing, not for production use. In order to use the existing build system, each module needs a directory named mod_something in test. Module testing -------------- Each module needs a subdirectory called "test" with a test configuration and a Makefile. A typical test script load the htable module and execute tests in the [event:htable_init] event route when starting. Typically, if a test fails, it runs abort() from the cfg_utils module to abort the process. Targets of the test makefile: - "test": Test syntax with "kamailio -c" - "all": Run full test Ideas: We may need a way to exit kamailio from inside without dumping a core file, but simply stopping execution and returning different return values to the shell. That way a test config can run for a limited amount of time or until a test fails. We can also stop on an external action, like a RPC request calling the same function.