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binrpc library -------------- prepared by Vladimir Marek inspirated by sercmd from Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul Description: ------------ This library using binrpc implementation from CTL module of Kamailio and encapsulates it for socket communication. It offers simple functional interface for sending messages over UNIX sockets, TCP or UDP protocol. The messages are encoded into binary RCP format that is much more efficient then standard XMLRPC. Purpose: -------- This library offers common interface for communicating with CTL module over UNIX socket, TCP and UDP protocol. Binary RCP makes XMLRPC more efficient using binary format for transporting messgae from client to server and vice versa. Description of interface: ------------------------- The detail description of interface is a part of binrpc_api.h header file. It is also possible generate documentation from this file by using DoxyGen. Warning ------- Double check alignment which is used for compilation to avoid nasty problem with structure size (if using libbinrpc library). This may occur e.g. in binrpc_parse_response!!!