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Description of files in this directory: * common.xsl: Customization regardless of output format. This file contains, for example, XSL code that strips leading and trailing whitespace from screen sections * xhtml.common.xsl: Common customization for XHTML output. Some parts of the documentation tree may use a bit different customized stylesheets to generate the output. This file contains sections that are common for all of them, such as options needed to generate strict nicely formatted XHTML output. * xhtml.root.xsl: Stylesheet used to build all the documentation. This stylesheet is used for the documentation root in sip_router/doc/doc_root.xml. This stylesheet generates chunked XHTML output in xhtml subdirectory. * xhtml.xsl: Stylesheet used to build parts of the documentation tree. This would generate single large xhtml file in the same directory. * dep.xsl: XSL stylesheet that traverses XML documents and generates list of dependencies that will be included by makefiles. * txt.xsl: XSL stylesheet used to generate plain text version of documentation. XHTML stylesheets are used to generate XHTML code that is then fed to lynx to produce plain text version. This stylesheet contains XHTML customization that are applied only when TXT is generated. * ser.css: Cascade stylesheets for XHTML outpout. Presentation related settings go here. * dbschema/: Stylesheets that generate SQL statements for various database systems from the XML description in sip_router/db/schema. -- Jan Janak <>, $Id$