March 2, 2008
View 6d3c9e45f5

- backport: replaced strndup due to portability problems

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 02/03/2008 16:07:35
February 6, 2008
View 4d8184d0ca

- Make sure that the global cfg_file variable always contains full absolute pathname. - Added get_abs_pathname function that can be used to convert relative pathnames to absolutes with using the location of cfg_file (or another file) as reference.

Jan Janak authored on 06/02/2008 13:41:16
June 21, 2007
View 2f0624101a

- fixed a bug in _timegm, reset the information about DST in the input tm structure because the time is expected to be in UTC

Jan Janak authored on 21/06/2007 11:44:01
July 17, 2006
View 7936dce83f

- conversion function to convert str to zero terminated string

Jan Janak authored on 17/07/2006 13:16:39
December 15, 2005
View 74a8dcdf05

- _timegm added to utils

Jan Janak authored on 15/12/2005 23:17:40
December 13, 2005
View 2ac451f2ae

- user2uid and group2gid made available to modules

Jan Janak authored on 13/12/2005 01:05:04