October 15, 2007
View d228f3d349

Identity-info and Identity header parser does not insist on BNF specified in RFC.

Gergely Kovacs authored on 15/10/2007 14:32:19
View 5255318827

Identity, Identity-info, Date headers would be parsed only if they were required

Gergely Kovacs authored on 15/10/2007 14:21:01
View b3d26eadf9

fixes SER-322: - parser sticks in an endless loop when the terminating quote mark is missing in a substring: @hf_value["Contact].uri - quote mark can be escaped: @hf_value[\"Contact\"].uri

Miklos Tirpak authored on 15/10/2007 07:55:41
October 12, 2007
View 740a5978ac

fixes SER-321 patch reflecting comments applied

Michal Matyska authored on 12/10/2007 22:25:40
October 11, 2007
View 5c20debe40

- don't include expired entries in DNS cache view output

Vladimir Marek authored on 11/10/2007 06:07:02
October 10, 2007
View 19e73e775e

- support for db_setopt - fixed minor problems in memory deallocation on error

Jan Janak authored on 10/10/2007 13:25:52
View 19aed17b4c

- don't include expired entries in IP blacklist view command

Vladimir Marek authored on 10/10/2007 10:56:41
View cf61e6816b

adding indexes to table credentials and domain

Karel Kozlik authored on 10/10/2007 09:31:37
October 9, 2007
View be7a883c54

- fix: when dns or blacklist are disabled, reply with an error from the corresponding rpc function (way better then crashing)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 09/10/2007 20:35:50
View 16d4e07948

- coding style (mainly identations) & some comments / spelling

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 09/10/2007 19:56:08
October 8, 2007
View f479903ff7

- mcast fixes: avoid trying to send from multicast listening sockets (the kernel will fix it, but in a non-ser deterministic way, e.g. the sent packet might have as source ip and address on which we don't listen): - get_send_socket() will ignore a forced mcast socket - msg_send() will ignore a mcast source socket and it will automatically choose another one

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 08/10/2007 13:29:41
October 5, 2007
View b23856774e

- fix: get_send_socket bug in some unlikely circumstances$ (a socket of a diff. proto is forced and find_si cannot fix it to$ a corresp. socket of the correct proto

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 05/10/2007 08:27:13
October 4, 2007
View f5510733ed

new attribute type introduced 'sw_highest_alias_number'

Karel Kozlik authored on 04/10/2007 20:30:33
View f4194f695f

Makefile.defs: * added MODS_DIR macro

Ondrej Martinek authored on 04/10/2007 18:09:24
October 3, 2007
View 559cb45747

Level of the select call is moved to a global variable form the structure in order to make the select calls shared memory-safe. Fixes SER-318

Miklos Tirpak authored on 03/10/2007 14:56:32