May 3, 2004
View 9a4287991b

- applied pgid patch from Jan (save pgdid in the file specified by -G) - inc ver no

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 03/05/2004 10:29:57
April 30, 2004
View fa1282696d

- exec_pre_cb called after basic sanity checks (at least 1 via present)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 30/04/2004 11:57:27
View 9873f2fa02

added moving privileges from subsciber to admin_privileges when reinstal

Karel Kozlik authored on 30/04/2004 11:03:54
April 29, 2004
View 71fd3ebd95

- new config variables: sock_mode = <permissions> (e.g. sock_mode=0600: default value = 0660) ser unix sockets and fifo will be created with this permissions (old name fifo_mode is still supported, but deprecated) sock_user = username|"uid" sock_group = groupname|"gid" change the owner and/or group of the ser unix sockets or fifo Short example config snippet: sock_mode=0600 # ser socket/fifo mode sock_user="www-data" # ser socket/fifo owner sock_group=nogroup user=nobody # ser user (ser will suid to it) - typo fixed in socket_info (thanks to Jan)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 29/04/2004 15:39:39
April 28, 2004
View ad781d248e

backported fixed for handling failed mallocs

Jiri Kuthan authored on 28/04/2004 18:49:36
April 27, 2004
View 4239e341a2

q2double and double2q added

Jan Janak authored on 27/04/2004 14:52:57
View b0edf8f9c0

print_q -> q2str

Jan Janak authored on 27/04/2004 14:52:33
View ad857221b2

str2float removed -- not necessary anymore

Jan Janak authored on 27/04/2004 14:51:13
April 26, 2004
View 4345a89627

print_q -> q2str and it's interface aligned to other similar functions.

Jan Janak authored on 26/04/2004 19:19:28
View 0b4b76011e

str2q implemented append_branch("", "0.23") implemented append_branch("", 230) removed (it was not very intuitive)

Jan Janak authored on 26/04/2004 17:11:55
View 9bc5d9afc9

Fixed ruri q printing bug reported by Juha.

Jan Janak authored on 26/04/2004 16:53:15
April 25, 2004
View 3cf541aa2d

Column version of table version renamed to table_version to avoid conflicts, reported by

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 21:00:29
View 7d837d13b1

Fixed bug reported by -- Missing ; in To of NOTIFY when another parameter follows tag parameter in From in SUBSCRIBE.

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 20:37:48
View 0cbc5128de

A regular expression matching user does not match username anymore (caused wrong expansion of username to usernamename)

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 19:48:06
View 6de5485d8a

Added a note on make parameters Spellchecked

Jan Janak authored on 25/04/2004 19:46:31