June 10, 2009
View 82a5ef65ff

db: Fixing problem with incorrect initialization of db connections

Jan Janak authored on 10/06/2009 20:41:27
May 6, 2009
View dd78db2747

presence_xml: disable bla support

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 06/05/2009 12:09:47
April 21, 2009
View 9d5361ebc1

presence_xml: export MI commands

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 21/04/2009 11:41:59
April 18, 2009
View 886cf4bfaf

* modules: presence_mwi, presence_xml, pua, pua_mi

Juha Heinanen authored on 18/04/2009 12:53:54
View 302b623d8b

* modules: peering, pua, pua_mi, presence, presence_xml, presence_mwi

Juha Heinanen authored on 18/04/2009 12:29:07
April 15, 2009
View ee9ce005f5

Various db api changes needed after migration to libsrdb1

Jan Janak authored on 03/03/2009 14:41:36
September 18, 2008
View 3ed44241f3

- further logging output cleanup in mod_init, mod_destroy: dispatcher, mi_xmlrpc, presence_dialoginfo, presence_mwi, pua, pua_bla, pua_dialoginfo, pua_mi, pua_usrloc - remove now empty mod_init, mod_destroy functions in: presence_dialoginfo, presence_mwi, pua_bla, pua_dialoginfo, pua_mi, pua_usrloc - smaller whitespace and alignment changes in module exports, remove response_function cast from NULL pointer, we don't do this for all other function exports, so it make no sense to handle this one special

Henning Westerholt authored on 18/09/2008 12:02:39
September 4, 2008
View 8a3f29f868

- add module parameters to enable/disable certain event types: - disable_presence (event type "presence") - disable_winfo (event type "presence.winfo") - disable_bla (event type "dialog;sla")

Klaus Darilion authored on 04/09/2008 12:15:40
August 6, 2008
View 9b64b9f378

- renaming: openser -> kamailio

Klaus Darilion authored on 06/08/2008 08:20:30
August 1, 2008
View 228a9a7416

- fix copy of the port for xcap server address (patch by Denis Bilenko, closes #1991338)

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 01/08/2008 09:12:25
July 28, 2008
View 27642a08ce

- change name in copyright headers

Henning Westerholt authored on 28/07/2008 15:39:28
July 24, 2008
View 266ed6e8c5

- fix some doxygen bugs - patch provided from Olle E. Johansson, closes #2026734

Henning Westerholt authored on 24/07/2008 15:16:24
July 23, 2008
View 04d10022a2

- doxygen and formatting changes - patch provided from Olle E. Johansson, closes #2024590

Henning Westerholt authored on 23/07/2008 16:12:45
July 4, 2008
View eb39fdf08a

- presence related modules uses a proper default DB URL instead of NULL like the other modules in the trunk - update module documentation

Henning Westerholt authored on 04/07/2008 11:11:16
May 21, 2008
View 924f20891d

- add db_check_table_version funtion to db API - this function includes error logging and also a error message on version mismatch, its require now a exact match of the version numbers - convert most of the modules to use this function, instead of implementing their own error handling again - new modules should use this function - increase trusted table version define for permissions module, it should be the same as the DB version entry - TODO: convert uri_db, domain, domainpolicy and dispatch too

Henning Westerholt authored on 21/05/2008 07:50:05