May 17, 2013
View 7bb5f98d7f

modules/pv: added PVs to provide access to the user-agent string retrieved from usrloc

Peter Dunkley authored on 17/05/2013 23:14:07
March 27, 2013
View a1e0c05e95

modules/pv: Updated to use the new get_branch()/next_branch() functions

Hugh Waite authored on 27/03/2013 11:53:18
March 14, 2013
View b53624e388

modules/pv: added new $ruid and $branch(ruid) PVs

Peter Dunkley authored on 14/03/2013 23:55:14
View a16fb22d12

modules/pv: updated use of get_branch() and next_branch() to cope with additional argument

Peter Dunkley authored on 14/03/2013 23:34:34
January 20, 2013
View 1abe290041

modules_k/*: moved k modules in directory modules/

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 20/01/2013 11:57:52