August 22, 2007
View 7532087a3a

- modified presence and presence_xml to allow using external XCAP servers with the possibility to configure the mode of operation through presence_xml module parameter 'integrated_xcap_server'

Anca Vamanu authored on 22/08/2007 13:32:55
August 20, 2007
View 1bea9ff328

- made changes in watchers table ( version increased )

Anca Vamanu authored on 20/08/2007 08:47:47
August 16, 2007
View 85de52fc1a

- included memory caching storage with the possibility to configure a fallback to database mode

Anca Vamanu authored on 16/08/2007 07:35:58
August 7, 2007
View 5032991441

- enabled a 'library' like functioning mode - if the db_url module parameter is not set, no messages are processed and the exported functions can be used by other modules.' - added a event specific parameter 'default expires' - exported 2 new event list handling functions

Anca Vamanu authored on 07/08/2007 12:17:09
July 31, 2007
View 3eee3a4e13

- added new field in the module interface - list of the additional processes to be created (work on progress)

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu authored on 31/07/2007 13:01:04
July 19, 2007
View 2e7331574e

- added some KEYs to presence tables to improve db query performance (table version increased) - did some cleanup (corrected some log messages, a bit of restructuring )

Anca Vamanu authored on 19/07/2007 14:34:45
May 16, 2007
View b75169e8d5

- fixed a typo error (reported by Adrian Georgescu)

Anca Vamanu authored on 16/05/2007 07:13:20
May 15, 2007
View 107b8d8991

-exported a MI command - mi cmd: refreshWatchers <pres_uri> <event_packege> that makes possible modifying watcher permissions in real time

Anca Vamanu authored on 15/05/2007 14:28:19
May 10, 2007
View b0a4bc0044

- corrected taking presentity uri from Request-URI (reported by Juha Heinanen) - changed active_watchers table - added 2 more columns

Anca Vamanu authored on 10/05/2007 15:11:11
April 27, 2007
View 702128f2dd

- verified if all tables are accesible in child_init

Anca Vamanu authored on 27/04/2007 11:48:24
April 24, 2007
View ffe4bdedda

- removed inutil locking on presentity

Anca Vamanu authored on 24/04/2007 15:27:17
April 23, 2007
View f42f79bf4d

- Restructured the module to handle PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE messages and generates NOTIFY messages in a general, event independentway. It allows registering events to it from other OpenSER modules. presence_xml module adds events: presence, presence.winfo, dialog;sla.

Anca Vamanu authored on 23/04/2007 07:28:35
April 17, 2007
View 6059779b2b

- modified column type active_watchers.record_route from varchar to text - corrected some possible calls to strlen on null argumets

Anca Vamanu authored on 17/04/2007 16:24:06
April 6, 2007
View 582927cce4

- restructured the module so that the handling of messages is not event dependent, new events can be added easily.

Anca Vamanu authored on 06/04/2007 13:24:12
April 4, 2007
View 0caecc4488

- support for handling a new event : dialog;sla (defined in draft-anil-sipping-bla-03.txt)

Anca Vamanu authored on 04/04/2007 08:50:33