August 22, 2007
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- modified presence and presence_xml to allow using external XCAP servers with the possibility to configure the mode of operation through presence_xml module parameter 'integrated_xcap_server'

Anca Vamanu authored on 22/08/2007 13:32:55
August 16, 2007
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- included memory caching storage with the possibility to configure a fallback to database mode

Anca Vamanu authored on 16/08/2007 07:35:58
May 9, 2007
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- changed not to query database table for Notify body when it is triggerd by a new Publish and the event does not require aggregation (to prevent rewriting the published body before Notify is sent)

Anca Vamanu authored on 09/05/2007 07:54:56
April 23, 2007
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- Restructured the module to handle PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE messages and generates NOTIFY messages in a general, event independentway. It allows registering events to it from other OpenSER modules. presence_xml module adds events: presence, presence.winfo, dialog;sla.

Anca Vamanu authored on 23/04/2007 07:28:35
April 6, 2007
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- restructured the module so that the handling of messages is not event dependent, new events can be added easily.

Anca Vamanu authored on 06/04/2007 13:24:12
April 4, 2007
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- support for handling a new event : dialog;sla (defined in draft-anil-sipping-bla-03.txt)

Anca Vamanu authored on 04/04/2007 08:50:33
February 14, 2007
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- corrected an error while building the str for extra headers

Anca Vamanu authored on 14/02/2007 13:21:02
View 76d785b5e2

- added a module parameter: server_address - used for putting the contact of the presence server in replies and Notify messages. ( take updated configuration file at: - added sending a Notify with no body to watcher if the presentity does not answer with a 2XX reply to Notify with winfo

Anca Vamanu authored on 14/02/2007 12:24:26
December 14, 2006
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- added a new column in xcap table (sql script updated in README file) (for more information: )

Anca Vamanu authored on 14/12/2006 11:47:57
October 13, 2006
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- new presence server implementation (RFC3265, RFC3856, RFC3857...) - works in db-only mode now - support for handling PUBLISH and aggregation of muliple presence documents - support to interpret XCAP - support for handling watcher info documents - see more at:

Anca Vamanu authored on 13/10/2006 12:21:23