January 27, 2006
View 3167c7448b

- child_rank variable introduced to make parameter value to init_child more predictable (needed especially in no fork mode)

Jan Janak authored on 27/01/2006 09:52:58
January 25, 2006
View 5904f9fc68

- ser_mysql.sh path fixed

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 25/01/2006 18:08:59
January 20, 2006
View 8737eaf4bc

- accidental commit of local unfinished changes reverted

Jan Janak authored on 20/01/2006 15:24:28
View 394abcfdc1

- support for REGISTER,SUBSCRIBE, and NOTIFY - removed code not being used (cvs history should be enough)

Jan Janak authored on 20/01/2006 11:19:43
View d246229882

- Added missing ;, reported by Hendrik Scholz

Jan Janak authored on 20/01/2006 10:42:37
January 19, 2006
View 43f88e4ff4

- multiple nested calls allowed - default MAX_NESTED_CALLS set to 4 (select was supposed to be fast :-) - IS_ALIAS renamed to NESTED flag - DIVERSION flag is processed at resolve_select

Michal Matyska authored on 19/01/2006 19:44:40
View 5b1455d070

-changed "str str" declaration to "struct _str str" to make gcc happy when compiling with "-x c++" options (required when a module uses c++ .h files)

Tomas Mandys authored on 19/01/2006 10:29:10
View 7382e32988

Corrected BUG in PIDF document parsing - now it allows documents without <basic> status element. Such documents will be parsed as if the basic status is closed. (reported by Yi Zheng)

Vaclav Kubart authored on 19/01/2006 06:56:37
January 12, 2006
View cd4812f853

- ser-ctl package added (ser command line tools) - ser-pa-module changed to ser-presence-modules - ser-acc-radius and ser-acc-db removed - ser-xmlrpc-module added

Jan Janak authored on 12/01/2006 15:27:16
View 5f1727c11b

- added acc_radius, xmlrpc, rls, and dialog modules to the list of excluded modules - added acc_radius to the list of RADIUS modules - added rls and dialog to the list of presence modules - ACC_MODULE removed - added variable XMLRPC_MODULES - added SERCTL_PATH (points to tools/serctl) - compile and install libraries in sip_router/lib - removed ser-acc-radius and ser-acc-db packages

Jan Janak authored on 12/01/2006 15:25:22
View 6dbef6f3dc

- fixed bug in config file checks (the check failed if ser -c produced a waring, such as "unable to resolve..." (ported from stable) - LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to /usr/lib/ser/

Jan Janak authored on 12/01/2006 15:21:49
January 11, 2006
View a12ac9b532

- fixed missing parts in ser_postgres.sh

Jan Janak authored on 11/01/2006 15:09:31
View 19174ea0f1

added attribute "sw_require_conf"

Karel Kozlik authored on 11/01/2006 12:53:42
View a311544783

- comment fixed

Jan Janak authored on 11/01/2006 11:54:23
View 2c38c9534e

- use process no. 1 instead of PROC_MAIN

Jan Janak authored on 11/01/2006 11:53:35