May 18, 2013
View abdf40dabb

core and modules: make IPv6 default, remove compile time flags

Henning Westerholt authored on 18/05/2013 08:07:25
March 29, 2013
View c573aa70bb

core: removed STUN from core

Peter Dunkley authored on 29/03/2013 21:47:57
March 27, 2013
View 084be456bc

core: set TOS for IPv6 UDP sockets

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 27/03/2013 19:53:00
August 14, 2011
View 178b21cc1f

core: new core event for received datagrams

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 14/08/2011 20:59:53
August 10, 2010
View 2542c0f30f

raw sockets: freebsd support

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 10/08/2010 15:43:25
June 15, 2010
View 22e7e32e34

raw sockets: udp send will use now raw sockets if enabled

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 15/06/2010 14:36:14
April 23, 2010
View 839c950901

core - tm: improved log messages

Daniel-Constantin Mierla authored on 23/04/2010 14:44:49
October 10, 2009
View 1d0661db4c

Adding doxygen template to all core .c files

oej authored on 10/10/2009 13:54:13
February 18, 2008
View 38c052a763

fixing wrong placement of cfg_update() (thanks to Ondrej Martinek)

Miklos Tirpak authored on 18/02/2008 13:47:51
January 23, 2008
View 35ab13d8b1

SER-324 fix: dont throw away terminating zero from payload

Jiri Kuthan authored on 23/01/2008 21:02:06
December 5, 2007
View 9188021ac6

Initialize and destory the configuration framework in main.c, and update the local config within the child processes at the beginning of each loop.

Miklos Tirpak authored on 05/12/2007 15:51:24
August 27, 2007
View f3a267970e

- disable by default path MTU discovery on linux (unfortunately on linux path MTU discovery is enabled by default even for udp, which produces packets with the DF flag set). It can be re-enabled using the new pmtu_discovery config option. Patch from Hendrik Scholz (hscholz). Closes SER-275.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 27/08/2007 23:05:59
October 13, 2006
View 96227c65df

- added STUN keep-alive functionality in accordance with draft-ietf-behave-rfc3489bis-04.txt

Vladimir Marek authored on 13/10/2006 13:08:42
April 12, 2006
View e6a2b12e54

- msg_send(), udp_send() and tcp_send() parameter list changed (now they use a struct dest_info to pack several of the old params)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 12/04/2006 18:04:23
November 2, 2005
View fe09f3158f

- ip TOS can now be set from ser cfg (thanks to Andreas Granig)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 02/11/2005 18:14:12