January 10, 2015
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build system: Remove SVN ID and history

Olle E. Johansson authored on 10/01/2015 07:57:18
October 9, 2009
View a91ba01fc9

makefile: even more quiet

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 09/10/2009 19:03:03
October 1, 2009
View 1b5b2a85d3

makefile: libs install-if-newer minor fix

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 01/10/2009 11:47:05
April 22, 2009
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makefiles: fixes and speed-ups

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 22/04/2009 13:46:30
March 19, 2009
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make install: avoid re-linking lib dependent modules

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 19/03/2009 14:32:36
June 28, 2008
View 7742b1d29a

- experimental make cfg /config support: make cfg fore regeneration of the "build" config, saved in config.mak. This config is used instead of including Makefile.defs each time. The config is also automatically generated if missing. The speed improvements are dramatic in most cases: make proper 15 times faster, make clean 8 times, make with generated config 2.6 times faster then before, make rebuilding only one file 9 times faster. E.g.: make cfg include_modules=mysql CPU=pentium-m BASEDIR=/tmp/ser make install # builds default ser + mysql, optimized for pentium-m # and installs in /tmp/ser/usr/local/* make clean # cleans default modules + mysql

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 28/06/2008 00:35:25
June 26, 2008
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- missing include Makefile.targets

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 26/06/2008 10:08:03
May 21, 2008
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FreeBSD ELF shared library naming convention only allows using names such as libname.so.X, not libname.so.X.Y. Obey it.

Maxim Sobolev authored on 21/05/2008 00:23:41
May 25, 2007
View 08067fd56f

- more darwin build with libs fixes (works now) - sercmd is no longer force-rebuilt every time

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 25/05/2007 15:50:11
May 24, 2007
View 893fd82d60

creating links with relative path instead of absolute - helps when installed into other directory than used for run

Vaclav Kubart authored on 24/05/2007 07:47:25
May 21, 2007
View da33ba737c

- generic build libs fixes - untested darwin support for automatically setting the library path / rebuilding the lib on changed install path (on darwin the library install path is stored in the library itself and from there it is copied in the linked object => if the library path is changed we have to re-link the library instead of re-linking the object that links it)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 21/05/2007 13:55:51
May 8, 2007
View 28b28d2c27

- fix: s/-/_/ in exported Makefile vars (some shells don't support '-' in variables)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 08/05/2007 09:03:11
March 29, 2007
View 3922c0220e

- modules are installed by Makefile.modules - rpath is automatically set up for modules using ser libraries on install or make (rpath is different for installed modules and for modules only compiled) - ser libraries are built and installed automatically if a module needs them (the module must define SER_LIBS in its makefile). See print_lib for an example.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 29/03/2007 23:38:02
March 16, 2007
View c853f68a3f

- better support for building libraries added (should work on all archs, sets soname, rpath a.s.o). static libs are not yet supported.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 16/03/2007 21:53:54