July 27, 2007
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backport of fix (related to SER-263) - revert partly fix which broke test of @select in route script. - leave the correction for seg. fault on @select match against regexp.

Michal Matyska authored on 27/07/2007 14:24:41
May 4, 2007
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Backport of SER-263 fix

Michal Matyska authored on 04/05/2007 16:10:59
December 13, 2006
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- hash cleanup/cosmetics: - use the "raw" hash functions from hashes.h as base for the other hashes (e.g. tm hash). This doesn't change the hash functions, just removes some extra copies. - split old hashes.h into hashes.h (more generic stuff) and str_hash.h - new_hash() is safer now (nobody uses it, but just in case...)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 13/12/2006 22:50:46
June 12, 2006
View 270757bb54

Fix test if select result is not empty for select function returning empty string with result=0, res.len=0.

Michal Matyska authored on 12/06/2006 21:14:24
June 7, 2006
View 80d2811c92

- numeric avp compared with string value fix: the value will be converted to int on-the-fly if possible (unfortunately we don't have enough information to do it on fixup).

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/06/2006 21:55:25
May 30, 2006
View bc5be3498c

- added route_lookup (like route_get(), but doesn't create a new route if not found) -- patch from Miklos Tirpak <miklos@iptel.org>

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 30/05/2006 19:20:51
March 18, 2006
View 49e2c7c511

Comparing string results of @select or $avp expression with numeric value. Test like "123" > 100 is not allowed by cfg.y rules, but $test > 10 is.

Michal Matyska authored on 18/03/2006 23:40:15
February 15, 2006
View fd6d4dc97a

AVP track searching resolution ------------------------------ new AVP prefixes registered fu - FROM USER and tu - TO USER $avp and $f.avp now searches in from track $t.avp searches in to track

Michal Matyska authored on 15/02/2006 17:29:18
February 7, 2006
View 93349b4eca

- named routes support in core and tm (t_on_*). e.g.: route{ route(bar); t_on_reply("reply_route"); route(1); # == route("1") ... } route[foo]{ ... } route["bar"]{ ... } route[1]{ ... } onreply_route[reply_route]{ ... }

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 07/02/2006 01:14:57
January 30, 2006
View d2f9352e81

- eval_expr too many expressions bug (reported by Michal), fixed by removing the expr. recursions checks (they were a parser debugging remainder, you can't have expr. loops without having actions loops and the actions loops are already handled). Closes SER-91.

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 30/01/2006 13:09:40
January 27, 2006
View 186908e8f6

- fixed comp_avp returning values != 0 , 1 or -1 (error)

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul authored on 27/01/2006 18:33:11
January 9, 2006
View f141bc93c5

- rewritten module function parsing and call processing (mk_action, struct action, action_u_t) - API to get other fixup params from fixup - full function overloading - optional NUMBER/STRING param in config for module functions - added oveloaded functions to print_stdout (demostrates overloading)

Tomas Mandys authored on 09/01/2006 19:42:35
January 7, 2006
View 145e3fb302

=AVP core extended to be aware of multiple AVPs with the same name exist in the list. There are three possibilities of correct script syntax...

Michal Matyska authored on 07/01/2006 21:28:49
December 20, 2005
View a0fb4e8bd5

History rewritten, new files GPLized

Michal Matyska authored on 20/12/2005 01:52:40
View 3fb428edb4

New script element, Jan's select function framework (@xxx), extended for modular use. In the script it can be used as value assigned to AVP and in the string comparision, RE matching, like: $my_avp=@my.function[1]; if (@via.protocol=="UDP")...

Michal Matyska authored on 20/12/2005 00:49:32