RPC Exports for usrloc

                  [ this file is autogenerated, do not edit ]

 1. ul.dump
        Dump user location tables

 2. ul.lookup
        Lookup one AOR in the usrloc location table

 3. ul.rm
        Delete a address of record including its contacts

 4. ul.rm_contact
        Delete a contact from an AOR record

 5. ul.flush
        Flush the usrloc memory cache to DB

 6. ul.add
        Add a new contact for an address of record

 7. ul.db_users
        Tell number of different unexpired users (AoRs) in database
        table (db_mode!=0 only)

 8. ul.db_contacts
        Tell number of unexpired contacts in database table (db_mode=3

 9. ul.db_expired_contacts
        Tell number of expired contacts in database table (db_mode=3