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    <title>Auth_radius Module</title>

    <section id="auth_radius.overview">
	    This module contains functions that are used to perform
	    authentication using a Radius server. Basically the proxy will pass
	    along the credentials to the radius server which will in turn send
	    a reply containing result of the authentication. So basically the
	    whole authentication is done in the Radius server. Before sending
	    the request to the radius server we perform some sanity checks over
	    the credentials to make sure that only well formed credentials will
	    get to the server. We have implemented radius authentication
	    according to draft-sterman-aaa-sip-00. This module requires
	    radiusclient library version 0.5.0 or higher which is available
	    from <ulink

    <section id="auth_radius.dep">
	    The module depends on the following modules (in the other words the listed modules
	    must be loaded before this module):
			    Generic authentication functions.

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