# $Id$
# SER Coding Style
#  2004-06-07  Andrei Pelinescu - Onciul <pelinescu-onciul@fokus.franhofer.de>

Important rules:
- use tabs for identations
- tabs are set to 4 spaces
- break lines longer than 80 characters
- don't use c++ style comments (//); they belong in c++-
- don't declare variable inside blocks.
     if (){
	   int i;
      for (i=0; ...){
	  int a;
- declare functions as follows (braces placement):
  int function(int x)
      /* body */
- try to avoid c99 specific stuff, it might not work with older compilers

Not so important rules:
- don't declare and init variable in the same time (unless they are static or global)
        use instead of int i=0;
        int i;
        /* ... */
- with the exception of functions, put the opening brace on the same line
  and the closing brace aligned to the first character in the line:
   if (cond) {
       /* ...*/
- avoid mixed case naming for variables or functions
- try to describe what a function does in a comment at the head of the function
  (try to document at least the return values)

If you are editing someone elses code, try to use his coding conventions (unless they contradict with some of the above rules).