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<refentry id="sstream_t">


<refpurpose>input/output serialization stream</refpurpose>

#include &lt;cds/serialize.h&gt;

typedef struct {
	dstring_t out;
	str_t in;
	int in_pos;
	enum { sstream_in, sstream_out } type;
} sstream_t;

<para>This structure represents input and output serialization stream.</para> 
	<listitem><para>Dynamic string holding output data in the case of output
	<listitem><para>String holding input data in the case of input 
	<listitem><para>Actual position in input data (points to first unread char) 
	in the case of input stream.</para></listitem>
	<listitem><para>Member holding stream type - input or output.</para></listitem>
<para>Warning - internals of this data structure may change! Use it only through
manipulation functions.

<refsect1 id="sstream_t.example"><title>Example</title>
#include &lt;cds/sstr.h&gt;
#include &lt;cds/serialize.h&gt;

typedef struct {
	str_t name;
	int number;
	char c;
} test_t;

int serialize_test_struct(sstream_t *store, test_t *t)
	if (serialize_str(store, &amp;t->name) != 0) return -1;
	if (serialize_int(store, &amp;t->number) != 0) return -1;
	if (serialize_char(store, &amp;t->c) != 0) return -1;
	return 0;

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	sstream_t store;
	str_t data;
	test_t a = { name: {"test A", 6}, number: 13, c: 'x' };
	test_t b;


	/* storing structure to the string */
	init_output_sstream(&amp;store, 256);
	if (serialize_test_struct(&amp;store, &amp;a) == 0) {
		if (get_serialized_sstream(&amp;store, &amp;data) != 0)
			printf("can't get data\n");
	else printf("can't serialize\n");

	/* loading structure from the string */
	init_input_sstream(&amp;store, data.s, data.len);
	if (serialize_test_struct(&amp;store, &amp;b) == 0) {
		printf("test_t = { %.*s, %d, %c }\n", 
			FMT_STR(b.name), b.number, b.c);
		/* cleanup */
	else printf("can't deserialize\n");

	/* cleanup */

	return 0;